Harvest Hills Renovation


This home gives a nod to clean, simple Scandinavian design.  The general palate of white, shades of greys and natural blonde woods created a relaxing abode for a young entrepreneur.  We aimed to create a warm, welcoming space by introducing different textures in the textiles and comfortable furnishings in the living room. The kitchen was fully renovated, changing the layout to add much more storage and a large island ideal for entertaining. The minimalist concept was carried through the rest of the home with simple finishing details, linear stacked tile in the bathrooms, and monochromatic color scheme throughout.

Willow Park Redesign

Classic Contemporary.

Here we revamped an outdated traditional home to incorporate the more contemporary style of the new owners and made it a refined space that welcomes the busy young family.  All of the original timeless architectural features were enhanced by a light fresh colour of paint that made the overall space feel more open and current.  The furnishings were hand selected to make a design statement but most importantly to be functional and durable.